Kid s check in pre   registration


August 28th - December 31st, 2017

The safety of our children is a high priority to us. We ask all parents to use our Kids’ Check-In security system that involves registering your child and receiving one nametag for your child and one nametag for you that have matching security codes. Your child must have a nametag before entering their Kidz Quest room. After the church service, you must present your matching security nametag to the volunteer before picking up your child.

If you want to avoid the lines for Kids' Check-in for new families on Sundays and Wednesdays, you can preregister online today! Your nametags will be ready and waiting for you at check in when you arrive.

When registering please add your entire household.

Thank You

Welcometoinsidetrack 03

Inside Track

June 4th - June 11th, 2017

The first two Sundays of this month.

Babydedication 08

Child Dedication Application

June 11th, 2017


Child Dedication will be held on Sunday , June 11, 2017 at the 9 am service. You are required to attend a Parent dedication class 45 minutes prior to the service of your child's dedication.

It might be more appropriate to call the act of Child Dedication…“Parent Dedication” because those who dedicate a child make a sacred pledge to serve God and live according to the principles outlined in the scriptures. It is a pledge made to God in front of the congregation to demonstrate by example to their child, what it means to be a Christ follower. Child Dedication is not a perfunctory religious ritual to bless children. It is a serious vow we make before God which indicates we are going to live for Him and make Him the priority of our home.

Our desire is that when you dedicate your child to God, you’re ready to fulfill your part of the commitment. Child Dedication isn’t something that should be entered into lightly. Ecclesiastes 5:5 says, “It is better not to make a vow, than to make one and not fulfill it.” Therefore we suggest the following as you make your decision:

  1. Those dedicating a child should first have a salvation relationship with Jesus.

  2. Those dedicating a child to God should currently be honoring God with their lifestyle. (I.e Should not be living in deliberate, willful sin).

  3. Our God is a forgiving God of second chances who longs for us to come to Him for help. While all of your circumstances may not be perfect, if you are actively seeking and desiring to change and serve God we are willing to work with you to dedicate your child.

  4. Single Moms and Dads are encouraged to dedicate their child to the Lord. As a church family we want help and support you as you raise your child.

  5. Those dedicating a child should recognize they are vowing to God that they will train and teach their child the ways of Christ.

  6. You must attend a Parent dedication class 45 minutes before the service you have chosen for your child's dedication. Please bring your children.

Baptism 02

June Baptism

June 11th, 2017

Baptism is an important step of obedience that shows others we have personally trusted Jesus for our salvation. Jesus was baptized when He was on the earth, and we do this to follow His example. When Christians are baptized, they are submerged under water to identify with the death and burial of Jesus and raised out of the water to identify with His resurrection. We believe that water baptism is a public declaration of three important things: you are a follower of Jesus Christ, you are beginning a changed life in Christ, and you are part of a new family.

Loveyourneighborday 4

Love Your Neighbor Day

September 16th, 2017


There are over 40 projects coming soon!